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What Is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is an extreme sport where the kiter uses wind power to cruise the water. The kite rider’s movement is similar to the movement of a windsurfer. The kiteboarder moves by making the wind pass to the left or the right part of the kite. Performers can also ride upwind or downwind by manoeuvring the board and the kite. This sport is considered the most affordable of the sailing sports.

How Does Kitesurfing Work?

For kitesurfing, you need a place where the wind blows consistently every day. This way, you will have a smooth and predictable wind pull. Depending on styles, riders may prefer different wind strengths - light wind for cruises, moderate for freestyle and strong winds for extreme riders. Extreme, advanced riders prefer waters with waves to perform high-jumps. Flatwater is best suited for beginner and freestyle riders.

What Gear Do I Need for Kitesurfing?

To perform this sport you will need different equipment. Kitesurfing gear consists of a kite - they come in various sizes depending on the wind speed, rider weight, board size and rider skill.

The kite is connected to the kiteboarder with a bar that is attached to the rider’s harness, making it easier to hold the power of the kite. Kitesurfers will need a board under their feet coming in various shapes depending on the rider’s styles. Finally, riders wear impact vests for extra protection and wetsuits when sailing waters in cold temperatures.

Is kitesurfing dangerous? No, unless you want it to be. Being a high-intensity sport, kitesurfing must be approached with a professional instructor. If you perform this sport under safety guidelines, it is as safe as any other.

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