BMX Gloves


What Are BMX Gloves?

Wearing a pair of good BMX gloves plays an important role whether you are into BMX freestyle, racing, or dirt jumping. The gloves are thin and flexible so that you have full dexterity over your fingers and thumbs, but are made with hard-wearing fabrics such as synthetic leather and polyester, to protect your hands from injury when you fall. The best BMX gloves also have grip properties on the fingers or palms. This improves your control of the brakes, handlebars and helps the freestylers with spins.

Other features that you will find on BMX bike gloves include ventilation holes to keep you from getting sweaty hands and reinforced thumb areas for added durability.

Getting the Right Size for Adult and Youth BMX Gloves

Having a snug-fitting pair of BMX gloves is going to give you the most comfort and control when riding your bike. Too big or too small, and you risk losing the dexterity that you need for gripping, tricks and braking. The sizes come in youth and XS - XL, and there is normally a size chart for the individual product to help you with measurements. A new pair of gloves should fit tight, but not too tight when you first put them on. There will be some stretch in them over time, and some models come with a velcro closure for an even better fit.

When taking a fall, another common body part that regularly gets impacted is the knees. They should also be well protected, so check out our BMX Knee pads.

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