Thermals for Winter Sports

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Thermals for Skiing and Snowboarding

Thermals for winter sports constitute the innermost layer of clothes worn next to the skin. Also known as base layers, these pieces of clothing can be, for example, thermal leggings or thermal shirts. They are used for alpine and cross country skiing, but also for snowboarding, with the goal to keep you warm on the slopes and help regulate your body temperature.

What is the Best Type of Thermal Underwear?

As you will produce heat while skiing or snowboarding, the most comfortable thermal underwear will have a certain degree of breathability, in order to give you the right amount of warmth while keeping you dry. To achieve this result, base layers are usually made of polyester, wool, or a blend of the two. Polyester ensures that any moisture can quickly escape and is typically the material of choice for skiers or snowboarders focused on their performance. Merino wool base layers have great thermal properties, and although they may not dry as fast as polyester thermals, they can absorb plenty of moisture. Thermals come in different levels of warmth, so you can pick the one that you think will be best suited to the weather conditions you will be skiing or riding in. If you are going to be on the slopes on windy days, then look for base layers featuring windproof fabrics.

Should Thermal Underwear be Tight or Loose?

Base layers should be tight-fitting, but not so much that it feels uncomfortable and restricts your movement. In this category, you will find thermals for women, for men and for kids: even though they all share the same technical qualities, the fit and the sizes are adapted to the different body structures. When it comes to winter base layers for kids, it is relevant to keep in mind that they are not just for the slopes: wearing them while playing outside in the cold ensures more fun without chills.

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