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What Is a BMX Helmet?

BMX helmets are designed specifically for protecting your head for whatever your style of BMX riding. BMX helmets are often more durable than other types of helmets so that they withstand the abuse of freestyle BMX riding.

Wearing a BMX helmet is one of the most important things to do when riding a BMX. It should be one of the first pieces of protective gear that you buy and be worn every time you ride. Not only do BMX bike helmets keep your head safe, but they will give you that extra confidence whatever your riding style. To stay safe, it is important that you wear a helmet with a tight, snug fit.

How Do I Choose a BMX Helmet?

What type of helmet you wear depends on how you ride your BMX. The most common types of helmets for BMX are the open face and the full face. Open face helmets are designed with the classic skate look and are most commonly used for freestyle BMX. Their cool, sleek designs mean that you see them worn for a range of other sports. Their hard shell design results in a durable and lightweight helmet.

BMX full face helmets offer more protection than an open face helmet, however, they are generally heavier and more expensive. These helmets are typically used for Race BMX and protect the face as well as the head.

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