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What Is a Kids BMX Bike?

A kids BMX bike is simply a smaller version of a regular-sized BMX that is suitable for younger riders. They are built with real BMX geometry to ensure a quality product and that your child can get the real BMX feeling. Like larger BMX, kids’ BMX are durable, speedy and lightweight. They are constructed from either steel or aluminum.

Kids BMX bikes can be bought as a complete bike, meaning that it is ready to ride as soon as it is taken out of the box. However, as your child continues to ride BMX, they may want to customize their setup with individual parts.

What Is the Right Size BMX for my Kid?

To get the most of their BMX experience, it is important that your child gets the right-sized bike. This is normally determined by your child’s height. The taller your child is, the bigger model they will need. The size of a BMX is normally measured by its wheel size and top tube (the top bar of the frame).

With kids BMX, wheel sizes (diameter) are usually available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch sizes. For top tubes, these come in a variety of sizes, ranging from around 11 to 19 inches. You can find more information about getting the right size in our BMX Freestyle Size chart.

What About Balance Bikes?

Within our kids BMX section, you will also find our selection of balance bikes. These bikes give your child the perfect foundation for developing their balance when riding around a driveway or at the park. They are designed with the youngest riders in mind and can be ridden by those as young as two.

Remember when riding a BMX that your child should always wear protective gear, so check out our selection of Kids BMX Protection.

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