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What Is a Skate Frame?

A freeskate frame, also known as an inline skate frame or roller blade frame, is the chassis below your skates, mounting the wheels and the bearings. Each inline frame varies in type, wheel configuration and mounting.

Frame type

There are different types of inline skate frames specific to the preferred skating style:

Freeskate frames with a flat setup usually feature four wheels of the same size. This specific type of skate frame optimises control and manoeuvrability and is the perfect choice for urban skaters and slalom skaters.

3-wheeled freeskate frames are made for stability and speed. They are meant for long-distance and fitness skaters as they typically mount big wheels, which are able to reach high speeds with a low-power transfer.

2-wheeled inline frames feature two small wheels on the edges of the frame with a large grinding surface in the middle. This specific type of frame is optimal for aggressive skating style tricks and grinds.

Wheel configuration

The wheel configuration of a skate frame indicates the wheels that are to be mounted on it. The wheel size of freeskate frames typically ranges from 80 mm to 110 mm. In general, short frames mount small wheels (80 mm - 90 mm) and are produced for those looking for high acceleration and tight turns.

Long frames commonly mount big wheels (100 mm - 110 mm - 125 mm) and are meant for those skaters looking for high speeds at the cost of manoeuvrability. However, you can also find short frames that can be equipped with big wheels if you want to enjoy higher flexibility in your movements and the stability provided by large wheels.


All skate frames feature different mounting systems. Each system must be compatible with the mounting points of your freeskate boots.

The 2pt (point) mount system is the most common. There are two mounting points that can be found under the boots of your skates, one in the front and one in the back. Measurements of 165 mm or 195 mm spacing are most common.

The Trinity mount features a three locations mounting system. Made exclusively for Powerslide skates, this mounting system helps to lower the height of the skate to increase energy transmission.

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