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What Are Roller skates?

Roller skates, also known as quad skates, are considered by many as the original skates. They have four wheels - two at the front and two at the back - and because of this are known for their stability both when skating and standing still. Roller skates are perfect for beginners and the great thing about them is their versatility. They are playful, great for dancing and give you a completely different riding sensation compared to inline skates.

There is a huge variety of skates on the market. There are designs for both indoor and outdoor skating, and can have either a hard or a soft boot.

What Type of Roller skates Should I Get?

There are numerous styles of roller skates to suit the various disciplines of roller skating. Choosing the right roller skate depends on the type of skating you want to do, whether it is disco, jamming or outdoor workouts. Many boots can be used by all levels of skaters.

What sets apart roller skates from other forms of skates is the variety of designs and styles. Some prefer the look of retro roller skates which will have you channelling the disco vibe of the 1970s, while some adult roller skates have a lower boot, which gives you more flexibility and freedom of movement.

Roller skates wheels come in a range of different sizes to suit your skating styles. Wheels for indoor roller skating are usually smaller compared to outdoor wheels.

How Should Roller skates Fit?

Roller skates should fit snugly but still give your feet a bit of movement and allow you to wiggle your toes. To get the most out of your boot, it should feel comfortable and not induce any pain or discomfort. Remember that all boots will have a break-in period, and will fit differently depending on the brand, so be sure to check out the individual skate’s size chart.

If you want to know more, check out our guide on Buying Roller skates.

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