Klister Wax is for the kick zone

The kick zone is the area of the ski, that you push down in the snow when you are doing the kick that makes you move. On most cross country skis this zone goes from the heel of the boot and 40 - 50 cm in the direction of the tip of the ski. The kick zone is not supposed to touch the snow when you glide forward without kicking. If this is the case you will experience unnecessary friction that will make you waste more energy than you actually need.

Klister wax is used when the tracks are too slippery for regular grip wax to get a grip on the snow. Klister is applied instead of regular kick wax in the kick zone, and its consistency has a high resemblance with glue. Generally, you can say, that klister wax is to be used with a bit of respect, and should be reserved for higher temperatures. It is also great to use in conditions where the snow has been melted and then frozen again.

SkiGo Klister is a good choice

Before you start using klister, it is important that you have a method of removing it or preventing it from getting on everything you hold dear. It can be a sticky mess, but despite the rumors and horror-stories klister wax is actually your friend, be course when the snow starts to melt in the spring, you can use klister to extend the season, and give you a few days or weeks more on the slopes.

As you might notice, we carry a lot of different klister waxes from the SkiGo brand. We believe that SkiGo produces some of the best Klister wax out there, and that is the reason why we have chosen to put our trust in this brand.

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