Klister Wax


The Stickiest Kick Wax Is Klister Wax

Klister wax is a type of kick wax that is used to provide extra grip on the snow. When the snow conditions are very icy or very wet, standard kick wax is not able to grip the snow properly so klister ski wax can be applied on top of the kick wax to increase grip. There are different klister wax products for different temperature ranges so choose a wax according to the temperatures that you will be skiing in.

How Do I Apply Klister Wax?

The wax comes in a tube similar to a toothpaste tube. Start by dabbing small amounts of wax to the kick zone, directly under the bindings either side of the groove of the skis (about 1 cm apart). Once on, use a scraper, waxing iron or just your thumb to spread the wax over the grip zone to create a thin layer. After it has been smoothened out, let it cool off and then you are ready to hit the trails. Alternatively, you can buy klister spray wax which is a much faster and easy process.

Other wax products for classic cross country skiing include glide wax, wax scrapers and brushes. To see these products, check out Glide Wax for Cross country skis and Cross Country Ski Tools & Ski Maintenance Equipment.

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