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What Are Scooter Grips?

Scooter grips are an essential component of your setup and maximise control over your scooter when doing tricks and landings. Stunt scooter grips help to soften vibrations and provide a more comfortable riding experience. Stunt scooter grips are commonly made out of rubber or foam, or sometimes a mixture of both.

Many brands develop their grips in a wide range of colours and styles, and they are a great way to customize and personalise your setup.

Scooter grips will wear down from time to time and will need to be replaced. To remove grips, if you don’t plan on using them again, simply use scissors or a knife to cut the grips and remove them. To install new ones, first lubricate the bars and the inside of the new grips. Having done this, your new grip should easily slide onto the bar.

Scooter Handle Grips: Bar Ends and Flanges

Firstly, bar ends, also known as plugs, are a screw-like item that are inserted into the ends of the handlebars. Having a solid pair of bar ends is necessary for absorbing impacts and increasing your scooter’s longevity.

Secondly, some grips come with a flange. This is a round disc that comes attached to the inner end of the grip. Flanged grips can improve your control of the bar, however, it can be harder to make bar spins. In some cases, flanged grips will do the job of bar ends, and cover the end of the scooter handle. Other designs won’t - it just all depends on the style of the grip.

Are Scooter Grips Universal?

Unless indicated otherwise, the inner diameter of a scooter bar grip is usually the same, meaning that they can be applied universally. Furthermore, many scooter grips can be fitted to BMX and kids’ bikes. However, it is important to check that your grips are compatible with the material of the bars. Finally, scooter grips come in different lengths, with pro riders often preferring to go for longer grips over 16 cm.

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