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What Is a Skateboard Truck?

Skateboard trucks are the T-shaped metal parts under your deck, which transfer your movement energy into the board’s movement. They are the axles that connect the deck to the wheels. Choosing the right trucks for your skateboard is crucial since they have a large impact on your performance.

Skate trucks are constructed from multiple smaller parts such as the baseplate, hanger, axle, kingpin, and bushings, which all have their specific functions. Trucks come in different hanger and axle widths, usually described in inches. It is important to remember that truck sizes are not standardised and can vary between different brands.

What Skateboard Trucks Should I Get?

You should choose trucks that match the size of your board and your riding style. In general, the width of the truck’s axle should match the deck’s width. Otherwise, you might experience some difficulties when riding. Our Skateboard Truck Size Guide provides guidance in finding the correct sized trucks for your deck.

If you are more of a technical street skater, you should opt for low skateboard trucks that provide more stability and make it very easy to pop the board. High skateboard trucks have a longer distance to the ground and should be your choice if you prefer to go fast in bowls or if you like to do deep turns. Mid-height trucks are a nice compromise to be equipped to go at it in both street and park skateboarding.

You should also take notice of the heaviness of the trucks. Light skateboard trucks are optimal for tricks and jumps. Heavy skateboard trucks, on the other hand, are considered better for grinding. Aluminum and titanium trucks are generally lighter, while Chromoly steel trucks are heavier but also more robust.

You can find more information about the characteristics of skateboard trucks from our comprehensive Skateboard Trucks Guide.

Skateboard Trucks vs. Longboard Trucks

One of the main differences between skateboard and longboard trucks is the design of baseplate and kingpin. Standard skateboard trucks are most often used in skateboarding, while reverse kingpin trucks are common in longboarding. In reverse kingpin trucks, the kingpin screw is pointing away from the board, while the kingpins in standard trucks, are faced inwards. In addition, reverse kingpin trucks are generally wider, higher, and more agile for fast and surfy riding and deep carves.

You can visit our Longboard Trucks Category to find reverse kingpin trucks.

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