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Kids’ Skateboards Are Small Skateboards

As the name implies, kids’ skateboards are complete skateboards coming in child-friendly sizes. They are sometimes referred to as mini skateboards since they can come in very small deck widths and lengths to accommodate the needs of the youngest riders. Kids’ skateboards can include anything from beginner skateboards to more advanced setups, so you can find the correct board for your kid’s skill level.

There is not a strict age limit to determine when kids should start skateboarding. It is recommended that kids should have good motor skills and balance before riding a board. Usually, the age of 5 to 6 years is old enough to start skateboarding.

Kids Skateboards Vs Adult Skateboards

Kids’ skateboards do not differ that much from adult skateboards in terms of their construction and functionality. Some smaller beginner skateboards for kids can have softer bushings and wheels to make the riding experiences a bit smoother for beginners.

However, a big difference lies in the graphics of the decks. Skateboards for kids generally feature more colourful, brighter, and funny deck graphics when compared to adult skateboards. This makes them more appealing to the smallest members of the family.

How Do I Choose a Skateboard for My Child?

The most important thing to consider when you choose a skateboard for your child is the size of the board.

If your child is a beginner, it is especially essential to choose a board with the right deck width. It is recommended to get a deck width that is around the same length as their shoe. Using a board too narrow can be harder to maintain balance, thus leading to a less enjoyable experience.

With the right size skateboard deck, kids will be able to manoeuvre and control the skateboard a lot easier and enjoy their first steps in the skateboarding world. See our Skateboard Size chart to help you find the right-sized skateboard for your child. Aside from the size, the only thing you should consider is your child’s possible preferences about the brand and graphics.

Once your child has the right board, remember that they should always wear the appropriate Kids Skate Protection such as a helmet and pads.

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