Kick Wax

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Kick wax Is For Classic Cross country skis

Kick wax, also known as grip wax, is used on traditional classic cross country skis to grip the snow, so the skier can glide forwards. The more effective the wax is, the more efficient the skier will be. There is different wax available for different snow temperatures. Many wax products for classic skiing will give a temperature range that it will work best in. It is important to know if your skis are waxable or waxless as the latter doesn't require wax. Classic skis that have synthetic skins or fishscales for kick zones don’t require wax and are more convenient for beginners.

How Do I Apply Kick wax?

Applying kick wax for cross country skis is a simple process that you can do before you go out on the snow. You can apply the wax to the ski bases by crayoning the wax stick to the kick zone, also known as a wax pocket. Apply a thin layer at a time (total of 3 layers) and after each layer, you should smooth out the wax with some appropriate sandpaper or foam cork. Once the final layer is smooth then you have finished.

There are other types of wax that you can apply to the bottom of your skis to improve performance. Klister wax is used in snow conditions that are too slippy for regular kick wax. Glide wax is applied to the base of the skis outside the kick zone. This is to allow the skis to glide smoothly forward.

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