Skate Wax & Grind Wax

What Is Skate Wax For?

Skate wax, also known as curb wax or grind wax, helps your skateboard slide and grind easier when you do tricks. The wax, which is normally made from a base of paraffin, reduces friction and smoothens surfaces making it easier to pull off what stunts like 50/50s and boardslides.

Using wax can make a big difference to your skating experience. Many rails, curbs and ledges become “skateable” with just a little bit of wax giving you the opportunity to skate on many more surfaces.

How to Use Skate Wax

Skateboard wax can be applied underneath your board as well as on the surfaces you will be grinding and sliding on. To apply, all you need to do is rub some on the surface you want to do tricks on as well as the bottom of your board.

With skate wax, the more you apply the slippier the surface (and your board) will get. Therefore, it’s recommended that you start off by applying small amounts and then test it out. If it doesn’t feel smooth enough then you can always add more. If you don't use wax, then another way to bring smoothness to your deck is by mounting Skateboard Deck Rails. These will help reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of your deck.

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