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What Is Scooter Grip tape?

Scooter grip tape is an essential part of your setup to keep your feet in place when scootering. The right grip tape will keep your feet locked onto the deck, especially when doing tricks. It will provide you with extra grip to execute your landing safely and give you more control. Along with providing grip, scooter grip tape is a great way to customize your deck and give your setup a unique look.

Stunt scooter Griptapes - Pre-Cut, a Sheet or a Whole Roll

It is inevitable that your stunt scooter grip tape will wear down over time. When the tape is becoming less grainy and grippy, this is a sign that it needs to be changed.

When buying new tape, you can choose between pre-cut, a sheet, or a whole roll. Pre-cut grip tape will be model-specific and ready to attach right out of the box without any adjustment work. If you want to apply the tape yourself, and you are up for doing some customization work, buy a sheet or a whole roll. This is a more affordable option and a great way to share the tape with a few friends.

How Do I Install Scooter Grip tape?

When installing new grip tape to your deck, first be sure to remove the existing tape. Using a hairdryer is a good way to loosen up the tape. Next, lift up the corner of the tape with a sharp edge, such as a pocket knife. Then, with your new grip tape cut it down to roughly the right size, stick it to your deck and use a knife to ensure an exact fit.

Furthermore, when installing tape for scooters, it is important to avoid any air bubbles. A bubble-free deck will ensure maximum durability and the best performance. Some griptapes come with a perforation to be able to achieve this very easily. If you are unsure about installing grip tape, check out the video in our Assembling a Scooter Guide which covers this process.

If you want to read more about grip tape, check out our Buying Scooter Grip tape guide.

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