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What Is Scooter Compression?

The compression system on a stunt scooter is the connection point where the bar, fork and deck come together. The purpose of the system is to securely attach the scooter fork and bar together and to make sure that the bar is fixed properly. This will minimise slack and unwanted movement and allow the bars to spin smoothly.

Every stunt scooter must have a compression system, so when you are choosing one, the focus should be on ensuring it is compatible with your forks and bars. The type of riding you want to do, and your personal preference, can also play a part in the choice.

Here you will find stunt scooter compression kits, compression bolts, and compression conversion kits. To see some more visual images and videos of the parts being installed, check out our guide - Buying Scooter Compression.

What Are the Different Stunt scooter Compression Systems?

HIC Scooter Compression

HIC - Hidden Integrated Compression. This is the original scooter compression and is known for being reliable, lightweight and easy to maintain. You will either need oversized bars (35 mm) or a scooter shim to install the compression. Some HIC compression kits include a shim.

IHC Scooter Compression

IHC - Internal Hidden Compression is the slightly smaller and lighter version of the HIC compression. Unlike most stunt scooter compression systems, IHC is built into the actual fork, which is one less piece to assemble. IHC systems are compatible with aluminum bars with oversized clamps and standard steel bars (inner diameter 28 mm) with a shim and standard clamp.

SCS Scooter Compression

SCS - Standard Compression System is the strongest compression system on the market. This is due to it using a four-bolt clamp and not requiring a bar slit. If your bar has a slit, then a bar adapter can be used. With the larger clamp comes some additional weight, but it is a favourite among many riders. It is a favourite among many riders thanks to its cool design.

ICS Scooter Compression

ICS - Inverted Compression System. It is given its name because the bolt goes vertically into the fork and tightens to a star nut that’s installed in the bar. The ICS system is only compatible with standard-sized bars with slit cut. The ICS is very light and can be used with steel and aluminum bars.

The fork and bars are the two parts that need to be compatible with the compression system. If you are going to upgrade them as well, then check our Stunt scooter Forks & Stunt scooter Bars.

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