Roller Skating

What Is Roller Skating?

Roller Skating, also called quad skating, is a recreational or competitive sport in which participants move over rinks or smooth surfaces using special boots equipped with four wheels. Roller skating can be also performed on streets, sidewalks and bike paths. As a sport, roller skating includes several disciplines like speed skating, figure skating and rhythm skating.

Participants of this sport use roller skates, special boots characterised by having two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back. They are mounted in pairs exactly like the wheels on a skateboard. The skates come in different shapes and sizes depending on the discipline you are willing to approach. Quad skates usually feature vivid and bright colours with a toe stop mounted at the front of the boot.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating is not only a fun activity that can be practised by people of all ages but also a good aerobic exercise. Just like jogging, roller skating improves heart health, strengthens muscles and burns calories. This sport works muscles in the legs, glutes and core and causes less joint stress than running.

Like any other physical activity, quad skating is a good stress reliever. It refreshes your mind, improves your mood, and also helps kids learn more effectively. In addition, roller skating improves balance and coordination, trains your brain to remain focused, by enhancing your concentration and keeping you mentally sharp as you age.

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