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Big Wheel Scooter for adults and teenagers

There is a number of different manufacturers of adult scooters with big wheels. We have gathered some of the best models here. Of course, teenagers and older children will also be able to use most of the models.

The design of the adult scooter

The adult scooter is available with a special design to ensure better comfort. Besides having big wheels, adult scooters can typically be adjusted higher than regular scooters and the deck is wider and longer. You can see the recommended user weight under the specifications for each scooter.

Advantages of a big wheel scooter

Adults normally use scooters for transportation. For transportation, it is a good idea to choose a scooter with big wheels, because it is stable and less sensitive to uneven surfaces. Big wheel scooters are typically faster, which means that you need less energy to create movement. For grown-ups, we always recommend adult scooters with a wheel diameter of at least 150mm.

Foldable adult scooters

It may be useful to choose a foldable scooter, for example if you need to bring the scooter on the train, bus or to work. It takes a few seconds to trigger the folding mechanism, and when the scooter is folded the bar works as a convenient handle to carry the scooter around. But if you prefer your adult scooter to be ready for use at all times, it is perhaps more interesting for you to choose a model with a kickstand.

Foldable models may feel a bit bouncy and less robust than one-piece models. But it's no problem if you just comply with the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer.

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