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What Are the Different Types of Stunt scooter Accessories?

Having the right scooter accessories is essential for anyone looking to upgrade and modify their setup. This category contains all the pro scooter accessories and miscellaneous items that you need for pro scootering including skate tools, bar ends, and scooter stands.

A skate tool, also known as a scooter tool, should be one of the first things that every scooter rider should consider having. These T-shaped mechanisms are essential for keeping your setup tight and fastening any loose bolts.

You might also want to upgrade your scooter bar ends, also known as end plugs. Bar ends improve the longevity of your setup, and stop your bar from getting damaged. Moreover, scooter stands are a nice addition to your inventory to ensure your scooter has a steady resting place when out and about.

Can I Assemble My Own Stunt scooter?

While many scooters come preassembled if you feel confident enough it is possible to build your own pro scooter from scratch. Just make sure that you have all the right parts and the appropriate tools to put together your build. Any youngsters should ensure to have adult supervision when assembling.

Want to customize your look but not sure how to go about it? Have a look at our Custom Scooter Builder. Otherwise, if you like the idea of assembling your scooter yourself but need some direction, check out our guide on How to Assemble a Pro scooter.

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