Aggressive Skate Wax

Aggressive Skate Wax For Even Better Grinds

To get the smoothest of grinds with your aggressive skates then it’s a good idea to use some skate wax. Inline skate wax works the same way as wax for skateboards and applying just small amounts of wax will help make your grinds smooth and buttery. They’re colourful, come in a variety of shapes and are made from a paraffin base.

How Do You Wax Aggressive Skates?

When it comes to waxing, many skaters deem it sufficient to apply only to the surface that they will be grinding on. These can be rails and boxes found in skate parks, or curbs and other objects that are grindable. However, some will add wax to the H block of their skates to make slides and grinds even smoother. To do this, simply apply small amounts, and keep testing it out until it feels right for you. Of course, when applying wax to surfaces it’s always a nice idea to let any nearby skaters know as well.

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