Foil Boards for Surf, Kite and Wake

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Choosing My Foil Board

The foil board, also known as a hydrofoil board, is the piece of equipment that you will balance on when speeding through the water. The actual foil that sits underneath the board is not included and needs to be bought separately.

When choosing your board, you should consider the type of foil boarding you intend to do. Foil surfboards will be made slightly different to foil wakeboards, so it is important to keep this in mind when selecting. It also needs to be matched to your ability and weight. For beginners, it is generally recommended choosing a larger, high-volume board as it is more stable. As your experience increases, the boards can be smaller to improve manoeuvrability.

Do you also need a foil to go with your board? Check out Foil / Hydrofoil.

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