What Are Skate Clothes?

Skate clothing and streetwear are known for their comfortable fit, high durability and timeless designs. Skate apparel such as t-shirts, shoes, caps, and beanies have made their way to the top of the fashion world and have become one of the dominating styles of clothing. This popularity has led to skate apparel and shoes being worn by not just skaters.

What Clothes Do Skaters Wear?

There is no specific attire that a skater should wear however most agree that skateboard clothing should be durable, breathable and comfortable. Whether it is a t-shirt or hoodie, skater shirts tend to be wide and loose to give you plenty of manoeuvrability. Below the waist, shorts for skating are often preferred by those who want a bit more flexibility, while skate jeans provide a bit more protection.

Why Use Skate shoes?

An important part of every skater’s wardrobe is their shoes. The best shoes for skating will come with a flat sole that provides excellent grip and control when on your skateboard. Certain models come with modern insole technology which helps absorb any impacts.

From baggy jeans and wide t-shirts to slim-fit jeans and shirts, skate clothing covers a wide variety of styles and there will be something for everyone.

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