Finger skateboards


Fingerboard - your pocket size skateboard for tricks

The fingerboard is a miniature skateboard made of wood or plastic. The fingerboards are available with a full set of equipment, just as a normal skateboard: grip tape, two trucks and four wheels. As the name suggests, you perform tricks with your fingerboard by using your fingers.

A fingerboard is normally around 96 mm or longer, and is approx. 30 mm wide.

These finger skateboards are fun and easy to play with, and are of course easy to carry around in your pocket. If you need more challenges, you can make your own ramps and rails for your finger skateboards.

The story behind the fingerboard

Fingerboards were first manufactured in the 1970’s, but back then, they were primarily used as keychains by professional skaters. Subsequently, they were made in much better quality and with better decks. This meant that people became aware that the fingerboards were not just for show, but also fun to play with and great for simulating real skateboard tricks.

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