BMX Cranksets

Crank Length/Type
Bottom Bracket

A Freestyle BMX crankset should be able to take a beating

Cranksets are an important part of creating forward motion on a freestyle BMX. The crankset helps to transfer power from the rider’s legs to the sprocket. A crankset for freestyle BMX is typically made in a heavier and more durable construction than the cranksets used for race BMX.

Should I choose 1-piece, 2-piece or 3-piece crankset?

There are primarily three types of cranks for freestyle BMX bikes.

1-piece cranksets are held in place by the bearings, and as it is 1-piece, there are no screws in these.

2-piece is the easiest cranksets to tighten, and they only have one crank bolt. Besides, they are also the most lightweight models, as the crankshaft is often hollow. 2-piece cranksets are often made in a very slim design.

The 3-piece is often a bit heavier than 2-piece cranksets, but they can be more solid since they are not welded together like a 2-piece crank. A 3-piece crank is often a bit wider.

This gives the 3-piece a box design for those who want more foot space on the actual crank.

Please be sure, that the crankset you wish to buy is compatible with your pedals. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service, if you have doubts about your pedals compatibility with the crankset.