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What Is a Scooter Headset?

A stunt scooter headset is an essential part of any scooter build. A headset is installed into the headtube of the scooter deck and ensures that the fork rotates properly. Every pro scooter rider knows that one of the most popular stunts is the 360 barspin and the headset plays an important role in making this go smoothly.

Headsets for stunt scooters usually have a diameter of 1 ⅛ inches. Headsets are either threaded or threadless, however threadless are more common on stunt scooters. Scooter headsets can furthermore be divided into integrated and non-integrated headsets. It is essential to be able to differentiate between these variations to ensure that it is compatible with your fork.

Integrated vs Non-Integrated Headsets

The two most common types of headsets are non-integrated and integrated. Knowing which headset you need depends on the headtube your scooter deck has.

Integrated headsets have built-in top and bottom cups that are already integrated into the headtube. Here, the bearings can be easily placed onto the deck’s headtube. Integrated scooter headsets are becoming standard on many models, but make sure to check that you have an integrated scooter deck.

Non-integrated headsets have a top and bottom cup that is pressed into the deck. These demand more installation effort than integrated headsets and require tools to do this. Furthermore, non-integrated headsets might be threaded, and these threaded headsets are only compatible with threaded forks.

Scooter Headset Bearings and Spacers

Inside the headset cups are the bearings. For the headset, you will need two special bearings that are doing all the hard work to provide you with super-smooth bar rotations. Usually, the bearings are the essential part and deciding factor when buying a headset.

The headset package often contains a top cap, a C-Ring and at times some headset spacers. But if not, you might also want to think about getting a headset spacer. These can be necessary to fill the space between your clamp and headset to ensure a sturdy fit.

Want to know how to install a scooter headset? Check out our handy video explaining How to Mount a Headset.

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