Hockey clothing


Ice hockey Clothing for Matches and Training

Ice hockey is a sport that is fast-moving, skillful and sometimes a little aggressive. Players get an intense workout while training or playing, so ice hockey clothing is designed to keep them from sweating and overheating. Ice hockey jerseys are worn as an outer layer over the shoulder pads and are normally made from 100% polyester as it is a light and breathable material. It is common to see hockey practise jerseys in many different colours and styles but they are always large fitting to make room for the bulky pads and ensure good ventilation.

Underneath the protection, players like to wear ice hockey compression shorts and tops. The materials are normally a combination of polyester and stretchy spandex making them soft against the skin and more importantly helping to reduce irritation and chafing.

Other hockey equipment that is considered as ice hockey apparel is protection. This includes ice hockey shorts, shoulder pads and jock straps. Check out the category here - Hockey Protection Equipment.

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