Accessories for Adjustable Scooters




Kick Scooter Accessories to fix up Your Foldable Scooter

Here you’ll find a range of accessories to make your foldable scooter experience even better. The products available here will change over time, but common items here include replacement brakes, bar clamps and folding buckles. It’s always a good idea to have a few spare kick scooter parts in case you need to make any unexpected repairs. You’ll also find useful accessories to maintain your scooter, such as WD40.

Remember however that some of the folding scooter parts you’ll see here will only be compatible with specific brands and models, so be sure to check out the product specification before buying.

Of course, what makes your scooter ultimately tick is your wheels, so if you think that you could do with a new pair then have a look at our Kick Scooter Wheels. Likewise, if you want to get the optimal wheel spin, then think about upgrading your Kick Scooter Bearings.

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