BMX Hub Guards

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What Are BMX Hub Guards?

To avoid damaging your BMX hubs and spokes, hub guards are a great idea. They are a cone-shaped cap that sits on the outside of the front or rear hub at the centre of the wheel. As riders grind on rails and ledges, the hub guards act as a shield protecting the wheel. They can also reduce friction, making your grinds smoother and longer.

When choosing a hub guard, it is important to know which kind you are looking for. Front hub guards are compatible with a 10 mm axle, and rear hub guards will take a 14 mm axle. There is also a difference between drive side hub guards and non drive side hub guards. Every drive side guard has a cut-out section that allows the chain to move around the driver without catching.

Universal Hub Guards and Materials

You will find that some brands offer universal hub guards. As you can imagine, these guards will work with the majority of set-ups and do not need to be brand-specific. They are available in both front and rear versions.

BMX hub guards come in many materials, but the two most common are nylon and aluminum. A nylon hub guard will provide an easier grind than its aluminum sidekick. On the other hand, the aluminum hub guard is more durable. No matter which type you choose, grind with a guard rather than without, as it is going to offer a smoother ride.

Protecting your hub and spokes with a hub guard means that you won’t have to replace other bike parts as often. But when that time comes, we offer a great range of parts to keep you riding. Check out our collection of BMX Wheel Parts and BMX Hubs.

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