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BMX Tires

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What Are Freestyle BMX Tires?

A solid pair of tires is key to having fun on your BMX. Freestyle BMX bike tires are made to be durable, strong, and provide the grip necessary for making various tricks. The right pair of tires will give you the confidence to help you develop and evolve as a rider. BMX tires are suitable for all the different disciplines of freestyling, such as flatland, street and park. There’s a huge variety of different colours and designs, meaning that tires for freestyling are a great way to customize your setup and stand out from the crowd.

The amount of pressure you should put in tires depends on the individual model. Therefore, be sure to check out the suggested PSI number for your tires. This is generally found in a product description or on the side of the tire.

With freestyle BMX tires these can either be foldable or non-foldable. Foldable tires are lightweight and often made of super-strong Kevlar material, however are usually more expensive than non-foldable tires.

What Is Special about BMX Tires?

Along with being smaller, there are several other differences between BMX tires and other types of bike tires. They are far wider than tires for road bikes to provide better grip and cushioning. Compared to mountain bike tires, freestyle tires will have a shallower tread.

What BMX Tires Should I Get?

When choosing BMX tires you should consider the diameter, width and tread pattern. BMX wheel diameters are typically between 12 and 29 inches, however, 20 inch BMX tires are the most common. BMX tires are known for being thick and chubby and usually have a width of between 1 and 2.5 inches. Having a width of around 2 inches is most common. This will give you a tire with great balance and control.

When it comes to tread patterns, these vary from model to model. BMX tires with more tread pattern will provide you with better grip and control. Less tread will give you lower resistance, however you will be able to go faster.

If you are more into racing with your BMX, check out our range of Race BMX Tires.

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