Inline Skate Brakes


Do Inline skates Have Brakes?

Inline skate brakes are commonly found on fitness inline skates. These brakes consist of a hard rubber pad positioned at the back of the skate, behind the last wheel on the chassis. Brakes for inline skates allow skaters to stop by lifting the toe of the skate, forcing the rubber pad onto the ground. Being the easiest way to stop on inline skates, brake pads are an essential tool for beginners.

Types of Inline skate Brakes

Fitness skates and recreational ones come with either traditional brakes or the Advanced Braking System (ABT). As mentioned, traditional brakes are the hard rubber pads found at the back of the skate. Typically, the brake will come attached to the right skate, but it can be changed between skates for left-foot dominant skaters.

Traditional brakes work by pointing the braking skate upward and thus forcing the heel, and the brake, to the ground. On the other hand, ABT brakes are installed nearer to the ground compared to traditional brake pads, allowing skaters to keep their balance easily when breaking. This kind of brake is the optimal choice for absolute beginners.

Remember to Change Inline skate Brakes

At some point, pre-mounted brakes will be worn down and they will need to be replaced. The changing procedure is very simple and only requires a new skate brake, an Allen key and a few minutes of your time. One very important thing to remember is to change the brakes before they are completely worn down. A highly worn-down brake on your skate may not be that effective when trying to stop.

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