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BMX wheels sizes and freecoasters hubs

Whether you're riding flatland BMX, park BMX or a little of both the BMX rims of your BMX freestyle bike should be durable and sturdy, so they can absorb the hard impacts of the street or skate park.

In this section, you’ll find both BMX rims for your BMX freestyle bike but also spare parts to replace worn down or broken components on your BMX wheels.

BMX wheels are available in the sizes 12 to 20 inches. The most common size is the 20’’ wheel, whereas the sizes 12’’ to 18’’ are developed specifically for children. Most BMX bikes come with cassette hubs, which is single gear hubs (single speed).

Lately, a BMX hub called freecoaster has become very popular on the Freestyle BMX scene. With the freecoaster hub, you are able to ride backward with the pedals in a fixed position.

A typical freestyle BMX wheel comes with 36-spoke BMX rims - which is great for park, street and vert.

BMX rims - single vs double walls

There’s no doubt that the life of a pair of BMX rims is hard. The countless impacts from the asphalt and the ramps. That’s why many BMX freestyle riders choose a pair of sturdy rims with double walls instead of single walls. A pair of double-walled BMX rims is more sturdy. This is simply due to their construction and they don’t break as easily as a pair of single-walled BMX rims.

Many complete bikes in the lower price-range are born with single-walled BMX rims. More expensive BMX freestyle bikes often come with double walled rims. If your bike has single walled BMX wheels, we recommend to upgrade to a pair of double walled rims - They cost a little extra, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Take care of BMX wheels

Use rim tape to care of the tubes on your BMX freestyle bike. This often overlooked piece of a rubber band is a very cheap and effective way to protect against flat tires. The rim tape is placed between the rim and the tube of your BMX wheel. It protects against sharp edges of spoke holes and nipples to avoid puncturing of the inner tube.

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