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Snowboard Size Guide

What length and width of snowboard should you choose?

The length is determined by your height and preference for terrain. The snowboard length should be between the height of your shoulders and nose.

Rules of thumb for picking the right snowboard length

  • Longer boards for back country and off-piste
  • Shorter boards are more suitable for freestyle.
  • A mid-length board is versatile for all mountain riding.

We recommend picking a shorter board for beginners and kids to make snowboarding easy and fun.

The Snowboard Width depends on your Shoe Size

You will find two snowboard widths: Standard and Wide. Just go for Wide if you are a rider with larger feet, shoe size US Men 11 and up.

Good to know

Kids Snowboards For Your Child

Snowboarding is an extremely popular winter sport for children, and many enjoy it as an alternative to skiing. Children are able to progress on junior snowboards easily, provided the snowboard is the correct length and width. Some kids love the feeling of going fast down slopes, while others just enjoy the freedom of exploring the slopes at their own pace.

The essential equipment needed for children snowboarding is a kids snowboard, snowboard boots and bindings. These can be bought as a package or individually. Choosing our kids’ snowboard packages is often the best value way to do it. To dress your child appropriately for snowboarding, check out Snowboard Clothing & Winter Sports Apparel.

When Can My Child Learn to Snowboard?

Parents often ask, at what age can their children learn to snowboard? The smallest youth snowboards are designed for 3-year-old children. This tends to be the age where they have developed enough motor skills to start learning the basics. Most kids’ snowboard schools will have 3 years as their youngest students.

What Size Snowboard Does My Child Need?

The size of the snowboard for your child should mostly be determined by their height. The rule of thumb is that the board length should sit between your child's chest and nose height. Closer to their chest if they are beginners, and closer to their nose if they are advanced. 80 cm snowboards are some of the smallest on the market and are appropriate for 3-year-old children (around 95 cm tall).

Check out our Snowboard Size chart, for more details on snowboard length and width.

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