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Kids ski Boots That are Comfortable

Getting your child a correctly fitted, quality pair of ski boots can make the world of difference for their skiing experience. Choosing the right junior ski boots will reduce any discomfort, help them progress and have the most fun on the slopes.

What Size Ski boots to Buy For My Child?

Ski boot sizes for children range from 15 to 27. These sizes are the length of the inside of the boots, given in centimetres also known as the mondopoint. You should accurately measure your child’s feet and choose the ski boots size accordingly. Most ski boot sizes are given in half sizes i.e. 18.5. If your child’s mondopoint size falls between 17.5 - 18.5 cm, then size 18.5 would be a good choice.

Types of Kids ski Boots

Front Entry Kids ski Boots

Front entry ski boots for children are the standard boots suitable for all ski abilities. The beginner models tend to come with one or two buckles and will be made with a softer flex material. The boots that have three or four buckles are for older or more experienced children. Some of these models also come with a power strap to get an extra secure fit.

Kids Adjustable Ski boots

Adjustable ski boots are a great choice for getting prolonged use out of them. The ski boots can be manually adjusted between 4 - 6 sizes depending on the brand. This is ideal when your children’s feet are growing fast, or you want to use them for another child. The adjustable boots are suitable for beginner to intermediate levels, but are not considered performance ski boots.

Junior Race Ski boots

Junior race ski boots are for children that are participating in ski races or race training with a ski club. The ski boots have a stiff flex as the skiers are going at high speeds, and the buckles are made out of metal for added strength.

If you are unsure of how the boot flex affects your skiing, then check out What ski boot flex should I choose?

The number one piece of ski protection for children is a helmet. If you want to check out our collection, take a look here Kids ski Helmets.

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