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Stay in Control With BMX Race Grips

Good quality BMX grips provide you with the best control over your handlebars while you are racing. Riding berms at high speeds and landing hard from big jumps requires you to have stability over your front wheels, so having a good grip with your hands is essential. BMX lock-on grips are an option for riders that want the most secure grips. They are fixed on the handlebars with locks and bolts, so they can’t be moved unless unscrewed.

All race grips are made from rubber, but they come in different lengths and hardness. The softest bike grips give the best grip and comfort but have a short lifespan, while the harder grips have less traction but will last longer. The grips can come in lengths anywhere between 110 - 190 mm and the choice is mainly personal preference as long as there is enough space on the handlebars. Choosing grips that are flanged or flangeless is another personal choice, with no downside to either. The flanged grips bring you back to the 90s style, while the flangeless option is a cleaner look.

Why Do Race BMX Bikes Have Bar Ends?

BMX bar ends are used to protect the ends of the handlebars in the event of a fall. It stops the metal of the handlebar end from becoming jagged and can also prevent damage to the rider if they are to come into contact with the bars. They are either included in the set of grips or sold separately.

To see our full selection of push in bar ends for both BMX racing and freestyle, check out BMX Bar Ends.

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