BMX clothing

What is BMX clothing good for?

The term BMX clothing is covering a huge range of different clothing. One thing is BMX race clothing, which is used when you are racing on a track.

Another category is lifestyle BMX apparel, which is born out of freestyle BMX. BMX clothing is not only used by the riders themselves but also by people who are into street apparel.

In our selection of BMX apparel, you'll find everything you need from socks to shirts, jackets, and caps, and not at least long pants.

Long-legs are actually a fan favourite when it comes to BMX clothing because they act as mild protection against burns and shinners but they also hold your pads in place when you ride.

Last but not least most of the pants you find in our BMX apparel category has room for knee pads that can be worn underneath.

We carry BMX clothing from some of the most influential freestyle brands within BMX Clothing.

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