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What Wakesurf Board Should I Buy?

Choosing the right wakesurf board mostly depends on your preferred riding style. Wakesurf boards can be divided into three categories: Skim shape boards, surf shape boards and hybrid boards.

Skim Shape Boards

These particular boards have thin profiles and symmetrical shapes from tip to tail. The thin profile gives the board less volume and a deeper position on the water. This particular shape provides more control and allows for quick movement reaction. This kind of board is perfect if you are looking for a highly responsive board for performing tricks.

Surf Shape Boards

Surf-style wakesurf boards have thicker profiles, wide tails and larger fins. The thicker profile provides more buoyancy allowing the board to float higher on the water. With this kind of board, movement on the water is more fluid and the extra surface area on the tail generates more forward drive. This is the optimal board for beginners and those riders looking for long cruises on water and long-controlled turns.

Hybrid Boards

They are something in between the skim and surf shape boards. If you like having more push on the water than a skim shape board and more manoeuvrability than a surf shape board, take these boards into consideration.

What Size Wakesurf Board Should I Get?

When buying a new wakesurf board you should consider its length and volume.

Short wakesurf boards are slower and less stable than long wakesurf boards. They are recommended for intermediate to advanced wakesurf riders. Long boards are faster, better for straight line riding and perfect for beginner riders.

The volume of a wakesurf board is basically the space inside the shell of the board. It determines how buoyant the board is, the higher the volume the more weight it will be able to support.

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