Mini BMX Wheels & Mini BMX Tires

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Why You Should Replace Mini BMX Wheels

Mini BMX bikes can handle a large amount of rough treatment, and the wheels are built just as strong as the rest of the bike. Mini BMX wheels can make a big difference in how the bike performs. Over time, flat spots, loss of traction and damages can occur, meaning you will probably need to make some repairs. The three main parts that make up the wheel are the Mini BMX tire, tube and front or rear wheel rim.

Mini BMX Tires and Mini BMX Tubes

If you have been riding on your mini BMX bike tires for a long time, there will come a point where a replacement is in order. The grip pattern can wear down from riding on different surfaces, jumping down from boxes and grinding rails. A new tire with a fresh grip pattern will bring back the traction and control you were missing. When looking for a replacement tire, the standard wheel diameter is 10 - 11 inches, with a width of 3.5 inches. This width size is also known as Size 4.10/3.50.

The mini BMX rims are the final part of the wheel which may need to be replaced. This can be necessary when damages happen to the axle, bearings or the rim itself. Don’t forget that there is a difference between a mini BMX rear wheel rim and a front wheel rim.

When it is the mini BMX inner tube that needs to be replaced because of a puncture, it is important to make sure the size is the same as the tire you have or will be buying. The details of this can usually be found on the product's specifications.

There are many other replaceable parts for the mini BMX bikes, such as pegs, pedals and bearings. Check out Mini BMX Parts to see what we have.

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