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What Is a Mini BMX Bike?

Mini BMX bikes are a type of BMX that is characterised by their small frame and thick, chubby wheels. Despite their size, the bikes are built to function like typical freestyle BMX and can withstand hard impacts.

Like regular-sized BMX, the frames for mini BMX are made out of Chromoly steel or hi-ten steel, ensuring a durable, long-lasting setup. However, the bars are around the same size as freestyle and race models. This gives the mini BMX bikes a unique look that will make you stand out at the skatepark.

The Differences Between Mini BMX and Regular BMX

The biggest difference is the tires. Mini BMX tires are 10 inches in diameter, whereas the typical freestyle tire is 20 inches. This smaller diameter ensures that the setup and centre of gravity stays closer to the ground.

Furthermore, the tire tread is designed to give you better traction when on a dirt track and attempting jumps at the skatepark. Because of their chunky wheels, most mini BMX come without brakes.

The Benefits of Having a Mini BMX

Getting a mini BMX is sure to be an investment that you won’t regret. The bikes are versatile and suitable for all environments, meaning that you can practise street, on dirt tracks and at the skatepark. Moreover, because they are meant to be small, you don’t have to worry about you or your child outgrowing it.

Already have a mini BMX and want to make sure that it stays in top condition? Check out our Mini BMX Assembling and Maintenance Guide.

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