Race BMX Bikes

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The beginning of BMX racing

The name BMX is an abbreviation of Bicycle Motocross, and as the name implies, the sport has its origins and most similarities in motocross. The BMX racing emerged in the 1970s, but in the beginning, the riders used ordinary bikes. After a while, the sport became so popular that bike manufacturers started to design BMX race bikes, especially for the dirt tracks. That meant stronger and more durable bikes (also called dirt BMX or cross BMX).

The difference between BMX racing bikes and freestyle BMX

The most common size of BMX racing bikes are 20’’, though the BMX bikes are available in other sizes as well, for example for kids. The frame of a race BMX is significantly lighter compared to a Freestyle BMX because it is made of aluminum instead of conventional steel. These bikes are mainly designed for high speed, but they also have to be durable due to the strain caused by the jumps and dirt on the tracks. Besides being great bikes for racing, many BMX race bikes are suited for daily street riding as well. With a race BMX, you get a versatile bike that you can use not only for sports but also on a daily basis.

How does a BMX race look like?

In a conventional BMX Race, eight riders compete against each other. They ride on special made dirt tracks with jumps and turns, with the purpose to finish first. The race itself is over pretty fast, as it usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds. The dirt track has a series of jumps and turns, each with a specific design and name. In addition, there is a starting hill, which is the first hill of the race, where you gain speed for the entire run.

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