Pig Wheels

Pig Wheels make a range of quality skateboard wheels, bearings and skateboard hardware. Pig skateboard wheels are known for their grooved surface, meaning that you can maximise your speed and stability. Pig has also got you covered when it comes to hardware with its range of Pig rails, Pig bearings and skate wax perfect to keep your board in top shape.

Based in the skateboarding heartland of San Diego, California, the brand started out as the skateboard wheel division of Tum Yeto in 1996. Thanks to their quality products and fun marketing, Pig Wheels have established itself as a top producer of skateboard wheels. Whenever you see their iconic Pig logo, you can be sure that you can skate in style and with confidence.

Combining humour with first-class products, Pig Wheels will ensure that you have a fun time when out skateboarding.

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