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Ride Light With a BMX Race Tube

The BMX tube is what holds the air inside your wheel when riding. One of the most annoying things in BMX racing is getting down to the track for a day of racing or practise, only to find out that there is a puncture in one of your tires. Here, you will find a range of inner tubes suitable for race BMX bikes as well as various accessories such as valves and valve caps.

When buying a race BMX tube the most important thing is that both the width and diameter fit your BMX tire. This will be indicated on the inner tube’s product description. To read more about getting the right size, check out our quick guide on BMX Tube Size.

Furthermore, many of the modern inner tubes are made to be as lightweight as possible, so you can maximise your speed on the track.

If you feel that your tires need an upgrade, then head to our Race BMX Tires category.

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