First of its kind, skijack is a patented bracket system for skis and ski poles developed and designed in Norway. The innovative SkiJack’s wall storage system fits up to six pairs of skis or even two snowboards strapped together. Skijacks utilise only five centimetres of wall space and feature an easy-to-instal system.

The company also developed a ceiling bracket that can store up to four skijacks. This SkiJack ceiling bracket can be easily hung from the ceiling of the storage room or the garage joist.

The SkiJack storage systems will leave no marks on your equipment and can efficiently withstand the weight of multiple skis. If you are looking for a way to store your skis, snowboards and ski poles after a day in the snow, this company offers an organised system with optimal use of space.

Skijack Cross Country Boot Snow Blocker
Skijack Cross Country Boot Snow Blocker
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